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Data di edizioneTitoloAutore/iFulltext accessRepository
25-ott-2018Gamma-ray burst prompt emission: new insights into spectral characterizationOganesyan, Gor Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
25-ott-2018THE MITOCHONDRIAL NATURE OF THE DNA REPAIR PROTEIN APE1Barchiesi, Arianna Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2011Nonlinear PDE's and Applications CIME Summer School, Cetraro, Italy 2008Bianchini, Stefano Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Model order reduction by means of active subspaces and dynamic mode decomposition for parametric hull shape design hydrodynamicsRozza, Gianluigi ; Mola, Andrea ; Tezzele, Marco ; Demo, Nicola ; GADALLA, Mahmoud Gamal Ali Salem Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018An efficient shape parametrisation by free-form deformation enhanced by active subspace for hull hydrodynamic ship design problems in open source environmentMola, Andrea ; Tezzele, Marco ; Demo, Nicola ; Rozza, Gianluigi Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Shape Optimization by means of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Dynamic Mode DecompositionDemo, Nicola ; Rozza, Gianluigi ; Tezzele, Marco Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Free-form deformation, mesh morphing and reduced-order methods: enablers for efficient aerodynamic shape optimisationSalmoiraghi, Filippo ; SCARDIGLI, ANGELA ; Rozza, Gianluigi Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Computational methods in cardiovascular mechanicsVeneziani, Alessandro ; Reali, Alessandro ; Rozza, Gianluigi ; MORGANTI, Simone Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
8-ott-2018Simulating quantum annealing via projective quantum Monte Carlo algorithmsInack, Estelle Maeva Embargoed AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
5-ott-2018Variational and auxiliary field Monte Carlo for the Hubbard and Hubbard-Holstein models: an accurate finite-size scaling and a "sign problem" solutionKarakuzu, Seher Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
4-ott-2018Formation of disc galaxies from cosmological simulations: galactic outflows and chemical evolutionValentini, Milena Embargoed AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2015AGN-stimulated cooling of hot gas in elliptical galaxiesValentini, Milena Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
19-set-2018Clues on the physics of AGN through X-ray spectral, temporal and polarimetric analysisKammoun, Elias Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
26-set-2018Stabilized reduced basis methods for the approximation of parametrized viscous flowsAli, Shafqat Embargoed AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Estimating the dust production rate of carbon stars in the Small Magellanic CloudBressan, Alessandro Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
26-set-2018Jacobi Fields in Optimal ControlBeschastnyi, Ivan Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
26-set-2018Dimension reduction problems in the modelling of hydrogel thin filmsOpen AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Model Reduction for Parametrized Optimal Control Problems in Environmental Marine Sciences and EngineeringRozza, Gianluigi ; Strazzullo, Maria ; Ballarin, Francesco Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2018Correlation-driven Lifshitz transition and orbital order in a two-band Hubbard modelFabrizio, Michele ; Grandi, Francesco ; Capone, Massimo ; Amaricci, Adriano Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
26-set-2018Non-linear Schrodinger equations with singular perturbations and with rough magnetic potentialsScandone, Raffaele Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Data di deposito in Discendente order): 1 to 20 of 9448