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Title: 03-DPACS: an open source solution for critical PACS systems integratedin the 03 Consortium project.
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2008
Abstract: ABSTRACT The student started his work towards the PhD. in 2005, joining the Bioengineering and ICT group of the University of Trieste, whose core research was in the e-health area. The personal research project conducted by the PhD student was inserted in the O3 Consortium research project, which had the aim to propose a complete solution for the adoption of open technology in the healthcare environment. The solution should become a whole new model for e-health application and include new products integrated with a development, support and business model. The PhD student contributed to the project in thinking and designing all the aspects of the complete solution presented in this thesis, in the development and business models, as well as in developing the products and in writing and publishing the results of the steps of this work. He personally contributed proposing the original idea of the support model and designing and implementing a product to test the proposed model. The student had an intermediate step in his personal project: he built a state of the art server for the management of DICOM data and of imaging objects (PACS – Picture and Archiving Communication System), with the aim to ease the adoption of e-health technology and to develop a product on which the model would have been tested. The research was conducted in the following way: first, based on the analysis of real world needs, literature and past experience, the definition of the O3 Consortium project software design guidelines (called “requirements” in the thesis) was performed. Then the product was designed and a new release of the PACS system was developed, implementing original solutions to best achieve all those “requirements”. The technological choices and the original aspects against the state of the art have been discussed and underlined throughout the entire thesis, such as the compliance to all the requirements and the choices for portability, project organization, standard implementation and performance. The idea of O3-DPACS being an integrated project, system plus support model has been also presented and discussed in the thesis.. It should be remarked again that the O3 Consortium means not only software development but also new procedures in both technology and service delivering. Moreover, the PhD student performed the validation of the software and the model, which needed to verify the assumption and to obtain the first results in the O3 Consortium research on e-health adoption. Should be noted the originality of the O3 Consortium project proposal of a whole complete application model to the healthcare real world based on open source software. No other solution for open source software application makes a complete proposal for all the topics of development, design, software architecture, support and business opportunity. Thus, a real research interest exists in testing and validating the model.
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