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12001Analytical and Numerical Study of the Impact of HALOs on Short Channel and Hot Carrier Effects in Scaled MOSFETsZANCHETTA, SERGIO ; SANGIORGI, Enrico ; ABRAMO, Antonio ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
22000A better insight in the performance of silicon bjt's featuring highly non-uniform collector doping profilesPALESTRI, Pierpaolo ; SANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
31997Bias and Temperature Dependence of Homogeneous Hot-Electron Injection from Silicon into Silicon Dioxide at Low VoltagesSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
42002A Comparative Analysis of Substrate Current Generation Mechanisms in Tunneling MOS CapacitorsSANGIORGI, Enrico ; ABRAMO, Antonio ; DALLA SERRA, Alberto ; PALESTRI, Pierpaolo ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
52003Device simulation for decananometer MOSFETsESSENI, David ; SELMI, Luca ; ABRAMO, Antonio ; PALESTRI, Pierpaolo ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
61991Effects of the interaction of neighboring structures on the Latch-up behavior of C-MOS ICsSELMI, Luca ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
71996Electron Injection in the Gate Oxide of MOS Structures at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature: Measurement and SimulationSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
81999Evidence of Substrate Enhanced High Energy Tails in the Distribution Function of Deep Submicron MOSFETs by Light Emission MeasurementsSELMI, Luca ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
91989Hot-Electron induced Photon Energies in n-channel MOSFET’s operating at 77 and 300 KSELMI, Luca ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
101988Hysteresis cycle in the Latch-up characteristic of wide CMOS structuresSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
112000Injection Efficiency of CHISEL Gate Currents in Short MOS Devices: Physical Mechanisms, Device Implications and Sensitivity to Technological Parameters",ESSENI, David ; SANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
121990Latch-up in CMOS circuits: a reviewSELMI, Luca ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
131988Layout dependence of CMOS Latch-upSELMI, Luca ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
142001Measurements of Low Field Mobility in Ultra Thin SOI n- and p-MOSFETsESSENI, David ; SELMI, Luca ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
151998Monitoring Hot Carrier Degradation in SOI MOSFETs by Hot Carrier Luminescence TechniquesSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
162008Monte-Carlo simulation of MOSFETs with band offsets in the source and drainPALESTRI, Pierpaolo ; SANGIORGI, Enrico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
171995Non-Local Effects in p-MOSFET Substrate Hot Hole Injection ExperimentsSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
181993Oxide Field Dependence of Electron Injection From Silicon into Silicon DioxideSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
191989Parameter extraction from I-V characteristics of single MOSFETsSANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
202003Physically Based modeling of Low Field Electron Mobility in Ultrathin Single- and Double-Gate SOI n-MOSFETsESSENI, David ; SANGIORGI, Enrico ; SELMI, Luca ; ABRAMO, Antonio Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)