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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext accessRepository
2015“Y aún sería mejor empleado”: modos de lo antiguo y arquitectura de retablosTESSARI, Cristiano Open AccessAir (UniUD)
2015Y chromosome variation and complex traits: the Ygen consortiumGANDIN, ILARIA ; GASPARINI, PAOLO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2010Y Entonces comprendio' e la Fabbrica illuminata nella critica italianaCALABRETTO, Roberto Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2008Y entonces comprendióORCALLI, Angelo Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2016Y(nS) polarizations versus particle multiplicity in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeVSCHIZZI, ANDREA ; LA LICATA, CHIARA ; DELLA RICCA, GIUSEPPE ; CANDELISE, VIERI ; MARONE, MATTEO Open AccessArTS (UniTS)
2002Y-Junctions in Photonic Crystal Channel Waveguides: High Transmission and Impedance MatchingMIDRIO, Michele ; S. BOSCOLO Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2014Y-systems, Q-systems, and N=2 supersymmetric QFTCecotti, Sergio Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2007Y. Lamézec, Le traité franco-britannique de Dunkerque, Paris, Pups, 2007FERRARI, Paolo Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2008Y.-H. Nouailhat, Truman, un cHrétien à la Maison Balnche, Paris, Cerf, 2007FERRARI, Paolo Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
1997Yaara. Inno alla donnaKALLAS, ELIE Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1997Yaara. Inno alla donna, E. Kallas (a cura di), traduzione di E. Kallas e A. MontanariKALLAS, ELIE Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1997"A YAC contig spanning the blepharophimosis-ptosis-Epicanthus inversus syndrome and Propionic Acidemia loci"GASPARINI, PAOLO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1996Yagzhev polynomial mappings: on the structure of the Taylor expansion of their local inverseGORNI, Gianluca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
1989Yang-Baxter equations and intermediate long wave hierarchies.TONDO, GIORGIO SALVATORE Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1996Yang-Mills vacuum structure and quantum gravityPercacci, Roberto Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2016Yang-Mills-Higgs connections on Calabi-Yau manifoldsBruzzo, Ugo Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2016Yang-Mills-Higgs connections on Calabi-Yau manifolds, IIBruzzo, Ugo Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2010Yann Venner a Trieste : « I miei gialli mescolano il dramma e la burla »ZOPPELLARI, Anna Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2016YAP enhances the pro-proliferative transcriptional activity of mutant p53 proteinsSORRENTINO, GIOVANNI ; Del Sal, G ; INGALLINA, ELEONORA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)