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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext accessRepository
2010S 2p photoabsorption of the SF5CF3 molecule: experiment, theory and comparisonwith SF6STENER, MAURO ; FRONZONI, GIOVANNA ; DECLEVA, PIETRO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2009S K-edge NEXAFS Spectra of Model Systems for SO2 on TiO2(110) : a TDDFT SimulationDE FRANCESCO, RENATO ; FRONZONI, GIOVANNA ; STENER, MAURO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1988S(n)-theta-closed spacesDIKRANJAN, Dikran Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2003(S)confiniGRI, Gianpaolo Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2003S-2-type parametric surfaces with prescribed mean curvature and minimal energyMUSINA, Roberta Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2003S-2-type parametric surfaces with prescribed mean curvature and minimal energyMusina, Roberta Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
1977S-adenosylmethionine as a regulator of protein synthesis. Influence on plasmatic fibrinogenPOZZATO, GABRIELE Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1987S-adenosylmethionine counteracts oral contraceptive hepatotoxicity in womenPOZZATO, GABRIELE Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2017The s-CVD radiation monitoring and beam abort system of the Belle-II Vertex DetectorVITALE, LORENZO ; BOSISIO, LUCIANO ; LANCERI, LIVIO ; LA LICATA, CHIARA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1989S-MATRIX OF THE YANG-LEE EDGE SINGULARITY IN 2 DIMENSIONSMussardo, Giuseppe Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2009s-OLAP: Approximate OLAP Query Evaluation on Very Large Data Warehouses via Dimensionality Reduction and Probabilistic SynopsesCUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2011S-RNase-like Sequences in Styles of Coffea (Rubiaceae). Evidence for S-RNase Based Gametophytic Self-Incompatibility?PALLAVICINI, Alberto ; ASQUINI, ELISA ; GRAZIOSI, GIORGIO ; GERDOL, MARCO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2005S-unit points on analytic hypersurfacesCORVAJA, Pietro Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2012S-Wave Velocities of the Lithosphere–Asthenosphere System in the Caribbean RegionPANZA, GIULIANO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1999S-wave Velocity Models in the Scotia Sea Region, Antarctica, from Nonlinear Inversion of Rayleigh Waves DispersionPANZA, GIULIANO ; COSTA, GIOVANNI Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2009S-waves profiles from noise cross correlation at small scalePANZA, GIULIANO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1919A s. a. r. il duca d'Aosta comandante la 3. armataOpen AccessOpenStarTs (UniTS)
1980S. Alessandrini, A. Santagostino, R. Targetti Senti, F. Onida, Marocco. Struttura e lineamenti dello sviluppo economicoBATTISTI, GIANFRANCO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1995S. Ambrogi, Un arabo perugino. Vita e viaggi di Orazio Antinori in Egitto e nell’Etiopia di MenelikBATTISTI, GIANFRANCO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)