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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext accessRepository
2013R package 'ROSE': Random Over-Sampling ExamplesTORELLI, Nicola Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2011R&D policy evaluation: a case study on Law 46/1982 in Italy.BARBIERI, Elisa Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2012R&D policy evaluation: the effects of R&D subsidies in ItalyBARBIERI, Elisa Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
1986R&G coffee quality loss during storage studiedNICOLI, Maria Cristina Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2008R-1626, a specific ora NS5B polymerase inhigitor of hepatitis C virus.TONIUTTO, Pierluigi Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2003R-curve behavior of alumina toughened with molybdenum and zirconia particlesSBAIZERO, ORFEO ; ROITTI, SERGIO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1977R-Freie Integrationstheorie IWEBER, Hans Josef Karl Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
1977R-Freie Integrationstheorie IIWEBER, Hans Josef Karl Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
1981r-hypergroups and their extensionsFRENI, Domenico Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2014R-n gravity is kicking and alive: The cases of Orion and NGC 3198Salucci, Paolo ; Karukes, Ekaterina Open AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
1990R-Phycoerythrin from Audouinella saviana (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta). Ultrastructural and biochemical analysis of aggregates and sub-units.TALARICO, LAURA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1994R-phycoerythrin from the red alga Gracilaria longaPAOLETTI, SERGIO ; RIZZO, ROBERTO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1999r-Selected benthic foraminifera with associated bacterial colonies in Upper Pleistocene sediments of the Ross Sea (Antarctica): implication for calcium carbonate preservation.MELIS, ROMANA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1980r-th order linear difference equation of characteristic J-1Open AccessOpenStarTs (UniTS)
1998R. Barilli, L'alba del contemporaneo. L'arte europea da Fuessli a DelacroixCONTARINI, Silvia Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2016R. Barthes. Il discorso amorosoDE MICHIEL, MARGHERITA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2008R. Caldarone, Caecus Amor. Jean-Luc Marion e la dismisura del fenomeno, Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2007, pp. 256CISLAGHI, Alessandra Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2000R. Domenig, Sotto il Triplice confine. Weissenfels, Bela Peč, Fusine in Valromana, editoriale Messaggero Veneto, 1997 - J. Lavtižar, Rateška Kronika (Cronaca di Rateče), župnijški urad, Kranjska Gora 1998JELEN, IGOR Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
1967) R. Ettorre, M: Graziani, P. Rigo: Reazioni di sostituzione su complessi del tipo [Pt (dien)X]+ in dimetilsolfossido. Gazz. Chim. Ital., 97 (1967) 58RIGO, Pierluigi Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
-R. F. BurtonOpen AccessOpenStarTs (UniTS)