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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext accessRepository
2001C Gas6 anti-apoptotic signaling requires NF-kappaB activationSCHNEIDER, Claudio Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2011C K-edge NEXAFS spectra of model systems for C2H4 on Si(100): a DFT simulationFRONZONI, GIOVANNA ; STENER, MAURO ; ROMEO, MICHELE ; DE FRANCESCO, RENATO ; BALDUCCI, GABRIELE Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2014C mineralization and microbial activity in four biochar field experiments several years after incorporationZAVALLONI, Costanza ; ALBERTI, Giorgio ; DELLE VEDOVE, Gemini Open AccessAir (UniUD)
2011C'era una volta un contadinoCAFARELLI, Andrea Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
1999C'era una volta un rudere‚Ķ Il recupero del dormitorio dei BenedettiniPRATALI MAFFEI, SERGIO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2015C'era una volta. Da Cenerentola a Shrek.ZANON, Francesca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2001C'eravamo tanto amati, un film alla prova del tempoNEPOTI, ROBERTO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2002C(2) monitoring of cyclosporine in stable heart transplant patients after two daily and three daily doses.LIVI, Ugolino ; BARBONE, Fabio ; BARALDO, Massimo ; FURLANUT, Mario Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2001c(2x2)-CN on Rh(110) LEED IVBARALDI, Alessandro ; COMELLI, GIOVANNI Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2001C++ Fondamenti di programmazioneDI GASPERO, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2001C++ Tecniche avanzate di programmazioneDI GASPERO, Luca Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2007C-14 age control of pre- and post-LGM events using N. pachyderma preserved in deep-sea sediments (Ross Sea, Antarctica)MELIS, ROMANA ; BRAMBATI, ANTONIO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2008C-60/corannulene on Cu(110): A surface-supported bistable buckybowl-buckyball host-guest system RID C-2494-2011 RID E-8227-2010 RID E-6415-2011 RID B-5396-2011Tosatti, Erio Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
1997C-C chemokines released by lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated human macrophages suppress HIV-1 infection in both macrophages and T cells.GIACCA, MAURO ; COMAR, Manola Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2015c-function and central charge of the sine-Gordon model from the non-perturbative renormalization group flowNandori, Istvan ; Trombettoni, Andrea ; Defenu, Nicol√≤ Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
2007C-H Activation and C-C Double Bond Formation Reactions in Iridium ortho-Methyl Aryphosphane ComplexesBARATTA, Walter ; DEL ZOTTO, Alessandro Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2007C-H Activation and C=C Double Bond Formation Reations in Iridium ortho-Methyl Arylphosphane ComplexesZANGRANDO, ENNIO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2003C-kit mutants in GISTs and their interaction with STI 571: Insights from computer simulations and clinical trials.FERRONE, MARCO ; FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO ; PRICL, SABRINA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2015C-Kit Positive Cells from Failing Human Hearts: Role of Culturing Media on Cardiomyogenic PotentialsFROSSI, Barbara Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)
2009C-N-Palladacyclic-Catalyzed Heck Reaction in EGME/Water: Rate and Regioselectivity Controlled by the Solvents RatioRIGO, Pierluigi ; BARATTA, Walter ; DEL ZOTTO, Alessandro Restricted AccessAir (UniUD)