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2014Effects of the volume of processed plasma on the outcome, arterial pressure and blood procalcitonin levels in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock treated with coupled plasma filtration and adsorptionGIUDICI, FABIOLA ; AGBEDJRO, ANTOINETTE ; BERLOT, GIORGIO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2018Influence of Timing of Initiation and Volume of Processed Plasma on the Outcome of Septic Shock Patients Treated with Coupled Plasma Filtration and AdsorptionGERINI, UGO ; BIANCO, FRANCESCO ; TOMASINI, ARIELLA ; BOSCUTTI, GIULIANO ; ISCRA, FULVIO ; NEGRO, VIRGINIA ; BERLOT, GIORGIO ; AGBEDJRO, ANTOINETTE ; FALINI, STEFANO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2015Leukocytosis in the critically ill patientAGBEDJRO, ANTOINETTE ; PRESELLO, BARBARA ; BERLOT, GIORGIO Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)
2015Leukopenia in the critically ill patientAGBEDJRO, ANTOINETTE ; BERLOT, GIORGIO ; PRESELLO, BARBARA Restricted AccessArTS (UniTS)